Rough Draft 1 complete!

I finally finished formatting all the stuff I already have for the zine!

screenshot of halcyon, showing the table of contents
   All formatted! 11 sections & over 200 pages.

So far the book clocks in at just over 200 pages of writing and art, which is a whole lot more than I thought it was going to be. I’m only partway through writing the first of the three stories, and that one’s already 2k! This is gonna be a big book once it’s all done (but I’ve seen bigger, lol).

I figured out a snazzy format for the title page of the Fanart section. I’m excited for you to see it! I think it has good “wow” factor when you turn the page to that section. 😀

a heavily blurred collection of preliminary sketches
                a wild art appears

I’ve also been working with some artist friends today on commissioning extra pieces for the zine. Some of the pieces are supplementary to help add charm to the book itself, some pieces that go with the side stories, and some are extra art that I wanted just because. Making your own zine is SO fun, you guys. I can do anything I want and no one can stop me!!

With that said, my design sensibility tends towards the clean and minimalist, so you won’t actually see a lot of flair with graphic design in the zine. It is a book after all, so my focus is always on making it easy and comfortable to read. Still, I’m so excited to share all the new art I’m commissioning with you all!

Now that I’ve squared away all the formatting, it’s time for the last push of writing the Side Stories. Time to roll up my sleeves and get to it!



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