If you donate at least $20 to Public Justice Center or Save Chinatown Fair, as thanks I will write you a fic of at least 500 words. If you live outside of the US, donate at least 4 coffees (to cover what paypal will take in fees) to my ko-fi and I will send you a receipt to prove that I have donated the amount on your behalf (and then still write you something, of course).

You can see examples of my work on this website. You can see my finished commission pieces here.

Please take a screenshot of your donation with a time stamp and send it via email to passerine.cloud@gmail.com. I will only honor donations made within 15 minutes of the receipt being sent to me. Please also include a character or ship as well as a small concept or prompt.

I WILL write:

  • My strengths are Pokémon gameverse, FFXV, Fire Emblem Three Houses, The King’s Avatar, and Haikyuu!!
  • Any series I’ve written before, any series on my kitsu.io from the “completed” or “currently watching” lists, and this list
  • Original characters that you’ve created
  • Original fic
  • NSFW
  • Most AUs (I can’t write zombies or pirates, but outside of that I’m okay with most settings)
  • I’m a health professional so if you want something laden with medical accuracy, I’m your best pick
  • Third person POV preferred but I’ll write first and second if requested

I will NOT write:

  • Character death and/or permanent injury, gory violence, zombies/werewolves/vampires, cancer, abuse, suicide, and pregnancy/raising children plots
  • I can’t write out of character stuff 🙁
  • In general I reserve the right to reject any commission idea received; if you’d like to talk over an idea with me first before you make a donation, I’m more than happy to work with you
  • The 18+ DNW List: medical kink; ageplay; watersports/scat; oviposition; stuffing; and degradation, especially name calling (click link for more info)
  • Noncon (dubcon ok)

Thank you!

Raised so far: $179.04