TNR adventures

If you’ve never heard of it, Trap Neuter Return is a worldwide effort to reduce the feral cat population in a humane, safe way. It works by humanely Trapping feral cats, Neutering them, and then Returning them to their home to live out their lives. For more information, watch this video or visit this in-depth site.

There are a lot of feral cats in our area, and many people in our apartment complex care for them by feeding them. This has built up quite a colony around our building. I was speaking to my neighbor Ms. L about TNR; she had a trap, I had a car, and together we decided to start TNR efforts ourselves.

You can see photos of our caught cats over at my pet instagram (along with many photos of my own pets).

The universal sign of a TNR’d feral cat is their tipped left ear. Our first two captures were of cats that had already been ear tipped, including this pretty calico girl.

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