red and green from pokemon kissing. art by kf1n3
art by Kf1n3 @ twitter

My pokemon gameverse Red/Green novella, Halcyon, is special to me and it’s been my long time dream to create a hard copy version of it. To that end, I’ve prepared a luxurious deluxe zine of Halcyon including not only the original story, fanart, missing scenes, and the fanmix’s liner notes, but also:

  • a new author’s foreword and a rare omitted scene
  • THREE new side stories in Halcyon’s universe
  • new commissioned fanart pieces, including a gorgeous cover by kf1ne
  • physical merchandise too!!

This is a charity zine with all proceeds going to Oceana, the largest international group focused solely on ocean conservation. It has a four star rating on Charity Navigator. You can learn more about their projects and efforts here.

Ebook: Choose your own price (minimum tbd)
Physical Zine: [tbd]


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