Halcyon Zine

red and green from pokemon kissing. art by kf1n3
art by Kf1n3 @ twitter

My pokemon gameverse Red/Green novella, Halcyon, is special to me and it’s been my long time dream to create a hard copy version of it. To that end, I’ve prepared a luxurious deluxe zine of Halcyon including not only the original story, fanart, missing scenes, and the fanmix’s liner notes, but also:

  • a new author’s foreword and a rare omitted scene
  • THREE new side stories in Halcyon’s universe
  • new commissioned fanart pieces, including a gorgeous cover by kf1ne
  • physical merchandise too!!

This is a charity zine with all proceeds going to Oceana, the largest international group focused solely on ocean conservation. It has a four star rating on Charity Navigator. You can learn more about their projects and efforts here.

Ebook: Choose your own price (minimum tbd)
Physical Zine: [tbd]


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  • Rough Draft 1 complete! November 15, 2021
    I finally finished formatting all the stuff I already have for the zine! So far the book clocks in at… Read more Rough Draft 1 complete!
  • Halcyon Zine is go!!!!!! October 31, 2021
    First update on the Halcyon Zine! I’ve been wrestling with InDesign for months now and at last, AT LAST, it… Read more Halcyon Zine is go!!!!!!

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