Age: Current (30s)

Pronouns: Gender is meaningless; it/its; they/them for social harmony

Interests: Physical health/Exercise, Organization, Rhythm games, Butlers

Name Meaning: It needed a name, it saw a bubble, and thought it was beautiful – that’s all.

Summary: The fixer. When there’s a mess, Bubble comes in and cleans it up. Thoughtful, methodical, and patient. The one most likely to use proper punctuation. Currently driving the car, for better or worse. Would prefer to be nonverbal, but has learned to talk through necessity.

Character Design Notes: Masculine body shape; 180cm and lean. Often looks slightly tired. Long hair is in a high ponytail and goes down to lower back, with the bottom curled; bangs are also curly, with face-framing longer pieces. Here’s what the piercings look like without the bangs in the way. Actually wearing a Barong, but the picrew used didn’t have it as an option. It’s light enough to be see-through, like this, with a white-to-blue gradient and a white Chinese collar, like this. Navy blue slacks, and sensible sneakers. The wrapped katana (sometimes a bokken) is optional; Knife is its differently-specialized twin.

Butler Version: